Podcast: Rivera! Goldschmidt! Forman!

Friday’s spirited Baseball Today podcast with myself and Mark Simon was certainly aided by an appearance from Baseball-Reference.com architect Sean Forman, with many cool topics discussed, like these!

1. First and last, I thanked Forman for his terrific website. In between we grilled him about his past, his interests, cool stuff on the site and advanced stats.

2. Mariano Rivera is human ... but is that any reason for Yankees fans to worry? Also, we discuss who should exit the rotation.

3. Paul Goldschmidt comes up big for the new America’s Team as they extend the NL West lead … should the Giants be worried? This might be a big weekend.

4. Use Baseball-Reference.com to check out what Texas Rangers reliever Neftali Feliz has done to the poor Seattle Mariners in his career! (Sorry, Dave Schoenfield!) Simon says Feliz isn’t the only one with dominance over another team.

5. The weekend slate seems to lack a big matchup of playoff-ready teams, but the games still count the same, and one of the ESPN "Sunday Night Baseball" franchises has much on the line.

Plus: Excellent emails, the amazing Justin Verlander, from England to Cincinnati, Peter Bourjos and a whole lot more on a packed Friday edition of Baseball Today. Download now and have a great weekend!