Podcast: Best on defense, power rankings

Unlike Dan Uggla's memorable hitting streak, Baseball Today continues onward and upward for a Monday edition ripe with topics that Mark Simon and I discussed, including:

1. We congratulate the Atlanta second baseman for his unlikely accomplishment, while also praising his Chicago Cubs foe that stopped it.

2. We do not congratulate Chicago Cubs right-hander Carlos Zambrano if this was indeed the last time he will pitch this season, but we offer thoughts on his future team.

3. Prince Fielder and the Brewers are rolling along, but as Mark points out, the team’s -- and individual’s -- work at home is carrying the day.

4. If it’s Monday, it’s time for Power Rankings, and the Brewers move up in mine. Check out the interesting back of the top 10 for each of us.

5. Many seem unhappy that Florida Marlins outfielder/master tweeter Logan Morrison was demoted to the minors. Why did it happen?

Plus: Excellent emails, the excellent Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen, the excellent Peter Bourjos, the Curtis Granderson kryptonite, ejections, A.J. Burnett and much more on Monday’s Baseball Today podcast!