Podcast: Is the NL West race over?

I thank SweetSpot writer/editor David Schoenfield for joining me on Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we had a blast discussing many topics, including these:

1. Former GM Jim Bowden stopped by to break down the pennant races, talk about players that shouldn’t be given up on and how he would react if Carlos Zambrano was on his team. Very interesting debate!

2. The Arizona Diamondbacks just keep on winning, while the defending champs keep ... well, you know. Is the NL West -- as well as the NL Central and AL West -- still a race anymore?

3. The Detroit Tigers are holding on in the AL Central, and things generally go well when the amazing Justin Verlander is on the mound, but an emailer wonders if it will be enough to hold off the Indians and White Sox.

4. Alex Rodriguez gets booed while in Triple-A. Find out why and whether it was deserved. Really, do people need a reason?

5. While we often rip traditional statistics such as wins and RBIs, that doesn’t mean they can’t matter some, does it?

Plus: Excellent emails, what I had for dinner Tuesday, how the Phillies blew the ninth inning Tuesday, a closer look at Wednesday’s schedule and so much more on a packed Wednesday Baseball Today podcast!