Links: Gregg Zaun, uni myths, NL Cy

Gregg Zaun played 16 seasons in the big leagues, won a World Series ring with the '97 Marlins and now has ... well, this. Other links of the day:

  • After I wrote about 10 players who deserve Hall of Fame election, Bill at The Platoon Advantage has his own fun list: 20 guys who shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. I can't say I disagree with any of the choice. I still don't understand the wave of support that Bruce Sutter received a few years ago. The most controversial guy on the list is Catfish Hunter, who frankly is vastly overrated. But he had a few big seasons, pitched well in the World Series and become the first big-bucks free agent.

  • Jon Weisman checks in to see if Clayton Kershaw has a chance to wrestle the NL Cy Young Award from the Phillies' three-headed monster.

  • Feel-good story about the Indians passing the hat for teammate Jack Hannahan to pay for a private plane so he could get home in time for the premature birth of his son.

  • The Indians also released Austin Kearns and Craig Calcaterra and made a good point about overrating young players with old players' skills. Baseball America rated Kearns the No. 11 prospect in baseball before the 2002 seasons, mostly based on a big season in the Midwest League in 2000. But after hitting .315 as a rookie with the Reds in '02, never came close to that figure again.

  • ESPN Insider Jason Grey looks at new Red Sox call-up Ryan Lavarnway,Insider a hard-hitting catcher with questionable defensive skills. Lavarnway could DH for the week or so with David Ortiz sidelined. Also in Insider: Kevin Goldstein wonders if the Diamondbacks should call up pitcher Trevor Bauer,Insider the third pick in the June draft.

  • Joe Posnanski with a great story -- maybe true, maybe not -- about Duane Kuiper and Jim Bibby.

  • Ian Kinsler's hit Wednesday may have buried the Angels for good.

  • Wednesday was the anniversary of one of the darkest days in Indians history.

  • Chris Quick had a nice chart of all the Giants' injuries in 2011. We've been putting a lot of blame on Bruce Bochy for playing Aubrey Huff and not playing Brandon Belt, but it would be a different story if the Giants had remained reasonably healthy.

Finally ... don't miss this fun piece from Paul Lukas, who examines 10 famous uniform-related myths. They're not all baseball ones, but you'll enjoy the read.