The all-or-nothing awesomeness of Wily Mo

A friend of mine pointed out the awesome batting line of Wily Mo Pena, back in the majors after a two-year absence: 13 hits, but six for home runs; 24 strikeouts but zero walks.

You think Wily Mo is taking a big hack up there, or what?

Now, the obvious follow-up: What's the "record" for most strikeouts by a batter with no walks? Gaylord Perry had a 47-to-0 mark in 1970, but of course he was a pitcher. The record for a position player is an outfielder for the 1985 Detroit Tigers named Alejandro Sanchez, who had 39 strikeouts and no walks in 133 at-bats. He wasn't quite as all-or-nothing as Wily Mo, however, as he hit just six home runs and hit .248. Sanchez had 215 plate appearances in his career. He struck out 66 times ... and drew one walk. That came on May 1, 1986, during a brief tenure with the Twins. Batting fifth that day (ahead of Gary Gaetti!), Dennis Rasmussen walked him in the sixth inning.

Rasmussen was immediately yanked from the game.

Update: Wily Mo drew a walk today for the Mariners. Sanchez is safe!