Podcast: Fenway Park drama

On Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast with Keith Law and I, there were many kitten noises heard and a lot of good, opinionated baseball talk. Here are some of the issues discussed:

1. The benches empty on yet another late night at Fenway Park, but was it really necessary? Does anyone enjoy seeing relief pitchers run on the field? Oh, and there was a game.

2. NL East leaders pick up some outfield/pinch-hitting help for the postseason, and there could be more moves to come. Is this an indictment on Jason Heyward?

3. Javier Vazquez has been quite the strikeout pitcher in his career, but perhaps you didn’t realize just how good.

4. Angels outfielder Mike Trout will not win top rookie honors this season, but in the big picture does that really matter?

5. Does Keith Law have emotions? OK, discuss.

Plus: Excellent emails, valuing runs scored and being a switch hitter, Ryan Braun’s MVP chances and a closer look at today’s schedule, on a packed edition of Baseball Today! Download now!