Podcast: Stats! Debates! Emails!

A fine week of Baseball Today podcasts was closed with Friday's show as Mark Simon and I waxed poetic about myriad pertinent topics, including:

1. What did we learn about the recent Yankees-Red Sox series, other than you shouldn’t make dinner plans following the game? We discuss a potential playoff matchup, and also tell the truth about Curtis Granderson’s defensive prowess.

2. Ownership issues with the Mets and Dodgers just don’t seem to go away, but we have a very interesting -- shocking, actually! -- opinion from our resident Mets fan.

3. Justin Verlander’s Cy Young -- an MVP -- candidacy might depend on how many wins he ends up with. Simon delves into some of the historic aspects of his season, as well as a look at the Phillies' aces.

4. Awesome emails this week as we talk more movies, future franchise value, soft tossing to first base and whether we would take jobs being the GM for our favorite team’s rivals. Hard to believe the reaction there.

5. It’s a huge weekend -- perhaps the final relevant one -- for a few teams and we discuss where the Giants and White Sox fit in.

Plus: Excellent emails, a very dedicated Rockies fan, BABIP in the Little League World Series, Jordan Walden versus Craig Kimbrel and a whole lot more on a packed Friday Baseball Today podcast. Download now, have a great weekend and we’ll be back Tuesday!