Podcast: Merry Stras-mass!

With the holiday weekend over and a lack of pennant races to watch, Keith Law and I still found plenty to discuss on Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast, including these topics:

1. Merry Stras-mass! Weather permitting, we'll see Washington Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg today. What should we expect?

2. Meanwhile, who is this Zach Stewart who nearly tossed a perfect game against the Twins? Klaw explains.

3. Cliff Lee is looking dominant and we try to place his odd season in some perspective.

4. An emailer wonders about the Pirates, from draft picks to Pedro Alvarez, but perhaps things aren't so bad.

5. Was instant replay used correctly in the Phillies-Marlins game Sunday? We debate the issue.

Plus: Excellent emails, Curtis Granderson versus Brett Gardner in center field, the minor leaguer who swiped 100 bases and much more on Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast!