Podcast: What to do if you're the Royals

It wasn’t raining in the bucolic Bristol studios as Keith Law and I talked about the greatest sport in Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast. Here are a few of the highlighted topics:

1. OK, so I guess that Stephen Strasburg guy is pretty good, eh?

2. The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles played a baseball game on Wednesday morning. We discuss.

3. Do catchers make for good future managers? Or is it just catchers that didn’t hit well?

4. Who is the next Rick Ankiel … and does someone want to be the next Rick Ankiel?

5. You are Kansas City Royals GM Dayton Moore. What do you do with the Royals?

Plus: Excellent emails, conjunction junction, Mariano Rivera and the saves record, appreciating Livan Hernandez and a look at Wednesday’s schedule, all on Baseball Today!