Podcast: Looking at the AL East race

A good ol' time was had by all on Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law and I discussed many topics, including:

1. The Red Sox are fading but it only matters because the Rays are good. We take a closer look at this legit race.

2. Meanwhile, any loss for the "contending" Cardinals is a big one, and someone who didn't swing a bat or throw a pitch is responsible for Monday's loss.

3. More Tigers talk! If Justin Verlander's crew played in the AL East would they beat the Rays?

4. An emailer wants Bruce Bochy included among the top managers. Do we agree?

5. Justin Masterson over Felix Hernandez? For this year, a case can be made.

Plus: Excellent emails, Casey Kelly, "Winter's Bone," Tim Wakefield and much more on a packed Tuesday edition of Baseball Today!