Podcast: Movies, Burnett, playoffs, more

A movie review became the focus of the Wednesday edition of the Baseball Today podcast with me and Keith Law, but there were myriad topics discussed, including:

1. Did KLaw like "Moneyball"? Let’s just say you don’t want to miss his comments.

2. The New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox win and the Tampa Bay Rays do not, which is a bit more important than the numbers 600, 23 and 200. But we discuss them along with the recent exploits of wild A.J. Burnett anyway!

3. A Cleveland Indians fan makes us laugh, and laugh a lot. Find out what he wrote in his meow-inducing email.

4. What does it really mean to have a good or bad minor league system?

5. Two games on ESPN highlights Wednesday’s schedule, but we’ve also got our collective eyes on other pitchers and matchups.

It’s a packed Wednesday Baseball Today podcast, from Brad Pitt to Pod Troopers to Peacock, so please tune in and download!