Podcast: Rays win, silly quotes, WAR/VORP

There was nary a cat sound on Friday’s Baseball Today podcast with Mark Simon and myself, but there was some new, fun music introduced to the show. Here are some of the topics discussed:

1. Score Game 1 for the Rays against the Red Sox, but looking at the pitching matchups, what did you expect? We talk about the crazy bat play with Marco Scutaro as well (hint, it has happened before!).

2. Pablo Sandoval needed a triple to hit for the cycle, and he gets it! We’ll give you 500 guesses on the other player to achieve this feat this season.

3. The Yankees have a storied history but if you’re creating a Mount Rushmore for just their pitchers, who would make the cut?

4. Why do athletes and personnel say such silly things to the media? Carlos Beltran and Terry Collins are the latest perpetrators, following in the glory of recent Milwaukee Brewers.

5. And finally, emailer Wesley in Hawaii creates a cool drop for our ridiculous question of the day, which producer Jay Soderberg takes delight in repeating numerous times.

Plus: Excellent emails, Dave Magadan, the Angels gotta win, Cliff Lee’s feats and a ton more on a packed Friday edition of Baseball Today! Download and enjoy your weekend!