Links: Umm, Matt Kemp is pretty awesome

As Jon Weisman writes at Dodger Thoughts, Matt Kemp could win the Triple Crown ... and nobody seems to be paying attention. With six games left, Kemp is hitting .326, just four points behind Ryan Braun and three behind Jose Reyes. His 36 home runs trail Albert Pujols by one. He leads Ryan Howard by five RBIs.

Sure, we all know batting average and RBIs can be overrated, but if Kemp could somehow pull this off, it would be an awesome accomplishment. A fun accomplishment, one to be appreciated, not sabermetrically scorned. The last hitter to do so was Carl Yastrzemski for the 1967 Red Sox. The last NL player was Joe Medwick for the 1937 Cardinals. Over the past six games, Kemp climbed into the batting race by going an incredible 15-for-25 to raise his average from .314 to .326. A week ago, he was too far behind in the batting race; now he's right there. Let's hope he can pull it off.

Other links

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