Podcast: Mount Rushmores, K's, Stubb-ed

Mark Simon, Steve Berthiaume and Doug Kern of the ESPN Stats & Info department talk baseball. Hey, it is the Baseball Today podcast.

1. Matt Moore strikes out 11 Yankees in just five innings. Do the Rays need to run the table to get in?

2. Killer loss by the Cardinals. Was is it the worst loss of the season?

3. What happened to the Reds? Well, Drew Stubbs' 200 strikeouts didn't help.

4. Doug is a big minor-league fan and has been to over 100 minor-league stadiums.

5. Mount Rushmores for the Blue Jays, Rockies, Tigers, A’s, Twins, Brewers, D-backs and Rays.

Plus: Previewing the weekend, new logos for the Blue Jays and Astros and much more, all on Friday's Baseball Today podcast!