Podcast: Power rankings, wild-card races

Well, we asked for strong wild-card races and whatta ya know, that’s exactly what we got! On Monday’s Baseball Today podcast Mark Simon and yours truly discussed the final four teams fighting for two playoff spots -- and much more, including:

1. Yeah, I admit I was kind of rooting for the Yankees Sunday night, to make the race better, but Jacoby Ellsbury had other ideas. Can you imagine Red Sox Nation if the Sawx and Rays were tied today? Still, the schedule favors one of these teams.

2. In the NL, the Braves could be in some trouble, but we recap their tough weekend and how the Cardinals enjoyed the wild Carlos Marmol experience.

3. Do the Dodgers have the leaders for the big NL awards? It sure looks that way! We discuss the amazing Matt Kemp and reminisce on some of our predictions.

4. It’s the final Power Rankings of the season, so check out how different our respective top 10s look!

5. In keeping with our theme of franchise Mount Rushmores, emailers provide lists for many teams, including the Twins, Royals, Reds and Rangers.

So check out Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we tell you the must win games for Monday and have a good time!