Podcast: Wild finishes, wild Ozzie

Keith Law resumed our alliance on Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast and while we tried to ignore what the Boston Red Sox did on Monday, to please producer Jay Soderberg ... well, you’ll have to download and listen! Here are some of the topics:

1. How about those Rays! OK, so we kind of mentioned the team Tampa’s finest is tied with, including the topsy-turvy world of MVP consideration!

2. How about those Cardinals! Their manager certainly played a role in Monday’s defeat, which leaves the Cards in must-win situations Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Ya gotta love Ozzie Guillen. We discuss an interesting night for the former White Sox manager and who I’d like to see get his old job.

4. Justin Verlander or Doug Fister in the first game of the postseason for Detroit? Hey, it was an actual email, and we discuss the bigger picture. You might be surprised.

5. How can the Twins be fixed for 2012 and beyond? We share thoughts on Ron Gardenhire’s gaggle.

So tune in for Tuesday’s excellent Baseball Today podcast, where we entertain and inform … and even our producer seemed OK with it.