Podcast: Previewing tonight's big games

Eh, not much going in baseball these days, is there? No races to speak of. Keith Law and I were somewhat bored on Wednesday’s Baseball Today, talking about 2012 ... OK, I’m joking! What a day in baseball, and what a show, with these topics:

1. Who is Ryan Lavarnway and does he belong on the Red Sox Mount Rushmore already? Well, let’s see what he does Wednesday! Red Sox and Rays are tied!

2. Braves can’t score, and the Astros are just so awful the Cardinals couldn’t help but win and create an NL wild-card tie as well. There’s only so much Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez can do.

3. The Ozzie Guillen move to Miami is complete, and we express shock -- shock, I tell ya! -- at the level of prospects heading back to the White Sox as compensation.

4. Keith’s awards column gets extra attention, as we debate who should and who will win, while also discussing the interesting comments.

5. Look, we all know there’s gonna be a doubleheader on Thursday, but we preview the Wednesday night games anyway, discussing who’s on the spot.

So download and tune in for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we had a lot of fun talkin’ baseball. What could be better?