Podcast: Baseball is awesome

Well, I kind of wish we had taped the Thursday edition of the Baseball Today podcast around midnight ET, when the Tampa Bay Rays won and the Boston Red Sox lost and baseball was never the same. Still a terrific, lively show though with me and Keith Law, with among the topics ...

1. Guest Jim Bowden has strong thoughts about the Red Sox and what they do moving forward, justifying the Braves’ loss and also discussing why the Ozzie Guillen experiment in Miami doesn’t excite him.

2. KLaw and I reminisce about the greatest night in regular season baseball history, arguing with a naysayer that likes football more. Will we remember the Red Sox losing or Dan Johnson?

3. Don’t give the Braves a pass for their collapse, either. We talk Chris Carpenter, Brett Myers, Craig Kimbrel and how the NL wild card was decided.

4. Jose Reyes wins the batting title, but the way he went about it leaves us a bit unsatisfied.

5. We answer a few email questions and then Keith gives his predictions for the first round of the playoffs. Mine are coming on Friday!

So download and listen to a fun Baseball Today podcast for Thursday. Hey, you gotta love baseball. It is awesome.