What Figgins means to M's

With Larry Stone confirming that Chone Figgins will become a Mariner, I went back to find out what U.S.S. Mariner thought about the prospective deal ...

    When you get a guy who can simultaneously increase the upside and decrease the risk, you’ve got a valuable asset. As a player, Figgins is a great fit for this roster and ballpark. He’s coming at a price below what you would generally expect to pay for a +3 win player, and the wins he adds are more important in helping the M’s push toward a playoff spot, raising the marginal value of those wins (wins 80-90 are more important than 70-79 or 91-100).

    He also has the type of skillset that ages well (despite claims to the contrary, fast guys are effective later into their careers than slow guys), and gives the M’s a significant offensive boost while maintaining their elite defense.

    Overall, this is a good deal. It makes the team better at a below market price, increases the options the team has going forward, and allows them to give the young kids a shot to prove themselves without exposing the team to too much risk. Losing the first round pick is a blow, but it’s not a big enough one to offset the value Figgins is providing at this price.

    This a good move for the M’s. Welcome to Seattle, Chone.

The M's seem to be going all-in for 2010, and signing Figgins can hardly be their last big move. Remember, though: the M's were outscored by 52 runs last season. Supposedly they actually played better than that, and were fundamentally a .500 team (or slightly better). If they can bring back Russell Branyan and sign another good player -- a real DH or a good starting pitcher would be nice -- there's no obvious reason why the M's can't challenge the Angels next season.