Podcast: ALDS wrap, NLDS previews

We close out another great week on the Baseball Today podcast with Friday’s edition, as Mark Simon and me discuss the AL, the NL, and of course, that crazy squirrel!

1. Yanks lose! Yanks lose! Who gets the blame? There’s plenty to go around, but can we also give some credit to the victors? It’s Tigers with a T.

2. Speaking of Tigers, the confusion about just how good their closer is continues with an angry, bitter and funny email. Well, I thought it was funny.

3. The Brewers get to host the first of Friday’s elimination games, and while each team has proven it can hit, don’t you have to give the edge to the home team? Or not?

4. Roy Halladay needs to pitch well for the Phillies to win, but in reality, it’s the offense -- and lack thereof -- that has Philly in an elimination game.

5. Robin Ventura as manager, Aroldis Chapman as starting pitcher and not one, not two, but three Ridiculous Questions of the Day also spice things up.

So get in there and download Friday’s Baseball Today podcast, not solely because you love the great game of baseball, but for the crazy noises we hear when producer Jay Soderberg feels like pushing them. Enjoy your weekend!