Podcast: Preparing for the World Series

The Baseball Today podcast returned on Monday with me and Mark Simon discussing the World Series participants and how they got there, and much more!

1. The shocking Cardinals are NL champs and they certainly didn't get there with starting pitching. We've got interviews with the NLCS MVP, the manager and more!

2. The Rangers bashed their way to the pennant, but what about the pitching? Mark asks about the worst starting rotation to win a World Series.

3. What happens to the Brewers now? Mark tells us where Prince Fielder is heading, and we discuss why the Brewers didn't win the series.

4. A Detroit Tigers fan whines about the umpiring, but that's not why the Rangers won the pennant, is it?

5. Plus, we take your emails about the Showalter Phenomenon and other cool things, and Mark makes his World Series prediction!