Podcast: Thoughts on Brewers, Tigers

Tuesday's edition of the Baseball Today podcast was a lively one featuring a guest, emails and good, positive baseball talk!

1. On the eve of the World Series, Keith Law and I took one last look back at the weekend results and the teams that didn't quite make it.

2. We both agree Prince Fielder is moving on, but what is he really worth in relation to Albert Pujols and of course, Ryan Howard?

3. It's angry listener day! First up, a bitter critique of what we've been saying about Tony La Russa!

4. To be fair, another emailer doesn't think we've been fair to Rangers manager Ron Washington. People, it wasn't a current co-host that dislikes everybody!

5. Former GM Jim Bowden gave his thoughts about the final two teams and a prediction!

So download and listen to Tuesday's interesting Baseball Today Podcast, and come back Wednesday as KLaw and I make World Series predictions and explain why!