More beer-in-dugout stories that ring false!

So the New York Daily News reports that the Yankees drank beer in the clubhouse and dugout as well. But not this year, of course!

And it was just Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi, according to a source. (Talk about two guys easy to throw under the bus.)

There is, however, one major problem here. The story reports that "Jose Canseco wasn't much of a drinker, according to the insider, but he once drank a can of light beer, went out and hit a home run, went back into the clubhouse and drank another can, hit another home run, and did the same thing a third time. Three lights, three homers."

This is easy to check. Took me about five seconds on Baseball-Reference.com. Canseco never hit three home runs in a game while playing for the Yankees. Canseco, in fact, never even hit two home runs in a game with the Yankees. He did it only twice in his career -- in 1994 with the Rangers (in a game he batted six times) and in 1998 with the A's (in a game he batted eight games).

Now, the story didn't exactly specify that the Canseco did his beer trifecta with the Yankees, so it's either shoddy writing, the source is lying or the source has inside information from Canseco's days with the Rangers or A's, which wasn't made clear in the story.

I'm going with this: Don't believe everything you read.

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