Podcast: Ian Kinsler is better than you think

What a World Series so far! For Friday’s Baseball Today podcast Mark Simon and me gathered to talk about how Game 2 was really won and many other pertinent matters surrounding the best sport.

1. Oh, those silly managers! Someone finally got to St. Louis Cardinals closer Jason Motte and the Texas Rangers turned it into a surprise win. Should Motte have been allowed to escape the mess he created?

2. Before Motte’s time, there was Allen Craig again beating Alexi Ogando, perhaps setting himself up to again play the role of hero. We also discuss the Rangers manager and his decisions.

3. Ian Kinsler’s stolen base was critical to the ninth-inning rally. Where does Kinsler rank among second basemen in the game today? You might be surprised.

4. Was this the last game in St. Louis? Mark and I give our predictions for the weekend, discussing the starting pitchers and how the offenses could be waking up. It’s time for Kyle Lohse and the Texas lefties!

5. We take your emails, re-examine the worst rotations to win a World Series and hear from some of the contributors to Thursday’s big win as well!

So download and listen to Friday’s awesome Baseball Today podcast, check out a few big games this weekend and come right back with us on Monday! Have a great weekend!