Podcast: Game 6, Cubs, Lackey

Rain was squarely in the forecast for Game 6 as Keith Law and I talked World Series, but there were no delays in Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast!

1. We’re hardly meteorologists, but if rain messes with the schedule, does it favor the Rangers or Cardinals, both or neither?

2. Do we even want the game to be played if there will be delays or anything similar to the Phillies-Rays World Series fiasco?

3. In other news, Theo -- he’s apparently a one-word entity now -- needs to find a manager ... or does he? We talk Cubbies and their future.

4. Well, now the 2012 Red Sox have a chance: John Lackey needs Tommy John surgery. Of course we jest, but if the Sawx knew about Lackey’s barking elbow in July and failed to act ... well, that’s another issue.

5. We received some strong emails, talking about lineup construction -- and lack thereof -- dugout technology and more about how a manager does his job.

So tune in for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast and regardless of what happens in Game 6 or beyond, we’ll be here all week!