Podcast: Game 6 preview ... and more!

For the second day in a row the bullpen phone worked just fine as Keith Law and I again previewed Game 6 of the World Series for Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast. Of course, we did far more than preview one game ...

1. We agree MLB made the correct call on pushing Game 6 back a day, but now that it has, it opens worlds of possibilities for a potential Game 7. One manager seems intent on not adjusting his rotation.

2. Back to Game 6, since it’s kind of a big deal in prepping for a Game 7: What are the keys to the game and which relief pitchers should we see early? And has there been more bad news than good in this series, an emailer asks.

3. In other news, the Red Sox still missed the playoffs, but emailers still want to discuss them. KLaw and I debate whether the lack of starting pitching could have been addressed. Just a heads up: the words "Chris Capuano" and "Livan Hernandez" are mentioned.

4. Meanwhile, in the world of the Yankees, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano are hot topics. What will the Yankees do with these superstars?

5. The GM swap continues, we talk some Arizona Fall League and reminisce, and we banter about the Dodgers' mess mercifully progressing.

So tune in to Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast! We’ll return on Friday, but will we be previewing another game or discussing a deserving champion?