Podcast: Heroes, goats and a Game 7

Well, that was an interesting Game 6, right? Hopefully the fun continues in Game 7. Meanwhile, Mark Simon and I tried to put into words what we saw on Thursday night, and here it is in Friday’s Baseball Today podcast!

1. Was that the greatest World Series game you ever saw? We try to put things in perspective.

2. There were certainly heroes (David Freese, Lance Berkman) and goats (Ron Washington). Focus on the positive all you want but there’s also no avoiding the negative.

3. We talk injuries to not only Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli, but what happened to Freese after his game-winner looked like it hurt, potential Series MVPs (Napoli or a Cardinal?) and debate the word resilience and its place in sport.

4. Matt Harrison versus Chris Carpenter really doesn’t seem to be a fair fight, but as we discuss historical facts with Game 7 we also wonder about the confidence level of that Texas bullpen.

5. How does one write a script that has the Rangers winning Game 7? Honestly, it’s not so easy.

Bottom line: baseball is awesome. Enjoy Friday’s Baseball Today podcast, watch Game 7 (and listen on ESPN Radio!) and tune in Monday as we sum it all up one last time.