Podcast: Dodgers sale, GGs, Hot Stove

Enjoying the baseball offseason? Keith Law and I joined up for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as there’s still plenty to discuss and look forward to!

1. There seems to be light at the end of the Los Angeles Dodgers' ownership tunnel, and we take a bunch of different angles on what should be good news.

2. Hooray to the Gold Glove winners, and also to a few of the losers that perhaps deserved a better fate.

3. Keith gives us a glimpse into free agency, from the top-end fellows like Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson to potential Japanese import Yu Darvish and former big leaguer Matt Murton.

4. Well, we won’t have Tony La Russa to pick on anymore, but KLaw does send him on his way with a few more controversial comments about his Cardinals legacy.

5. Continued thanks for the many emails you send (we talk Darvish and more Cardinals today) and we talk about my pending visit to the Arizona Fall League this week!

Look for the next edition of the Baseball Today podcast sometime next week, and thanks for downloading Wednesday’s show! Special thanks to producers Frank Dale and Jacqueline Purdy, and to you for listening. Send emails to baseballtoday@espnradio.com!