Nationals adding MacDougal?

I think the Nats just saved the picture ...

    The Nationals gave right-hander Gary Glover his unconditional release on Saturday. Glover was pitching for Triple A Syracuse and had a 6.32 ERA in 10 appearances.
    He became expendable after Washington put Mike MacDougal on the Syracuse roster. The plan is to have MacDougal join the Major League club in a couple of weeks.

I'm not sure that Glover can't still pitch, but it's not like there aren't dozens guys just like him kicking around in Triple-A, etc.
MacDougal, though? Really? What, are the Nats trying to corner the market on guys who drive you crazy with the balls and the walks and the wild pitches and whatnot? They've already got Daniel Cabrera, with his 112 walks and 105 strikeouts in his last 36 starts. They're hoping to add MacDougal, with 52 walks and 54 strikeouts in his last 64 innings.

Who's next? Doug Sisk?

Actually, that's not much of a joke because Sisk wasn't much of a strikeout pitcher. I'm just having trouble finding analogues to Cabrera and McDougal. Which makes it all the more odd that the Nationals might somehow find room for both of them on the 25-man roster at the same time.