Podcast: Awards winners, early signings

The gang got back together for the final November edition of the Baseball Today podcast, as Mark Simon and I spoke about myriad offseason matters and welcomed a special guest!

1. ESPN senior writer Jim Caple shares his stories off the offseason both good and bad, waxing poetic about the CBA and Nick Punto but also the tragic Greg Halman incident.

2. Mark and I remind listeners about the MVP and Cy Young voting, what made sense and what did not. You might be surprised.

3. The big-name free agents remain unsigned, but there have been some interesting signings and a few trades to discuss. And where else will you hear the name Steve Buechele in 2011?

4. Interleague play for an entire season? Not surprisingly, Mark and I don’t share the same sentiments on the issue for that or the new playoff format.

5. We check out the latest emails, discussing the Houston Astros in the American League, interleague play, Theo and the Cubs and more!

Check back with the Baseball Today crew as we’re live -- well Keith Law will be -- from the winter meetings in Dallas next week!