Links: Padres could trade Anthony Rizzo

  • On his U.S.S. Mariner site, FanGraphs writer and ESPN contributor Dave Cameron suggests the Mariners should make a pitch for Anthony Rizzo, now that the Padres acquired Yonder Alonso in the Mat Latos deal. Dave suggests it could cost shortstop prospect Nick Franklin or pitching prospect James Paxton. Likewise, in his video review of the trade, Jim Bowden suggests Rizzo could be used to acquire Matt Garza from the Cubs. Here are three other possible landing spots for Rizzo:1. Rays: Tampa Bay needs a cheap, preferably left-handed bat, to play first base. Rizzo is cheap and left-handed. Wade Davis is signed to a team-friendly that could interest the Padres, although it would probably take more than Davis to pry away Rizzo.2. Orioles: The Orioles have Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis, which is kind of like have two screwdrivers when you need a hammer. Needless to say, the Orioles don't exactly have a lot to offer, as they need to keep Zach Britton and Brian Matusz is damaged goods after his tragically bad season. The Orioles do have two highly regarded shortstop prospects in Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop, although both are a few years from the majors.3. Astros: Absorbing Wandy Rodriguez's salary doesn't make sense for the Padres, so unless the Astros are willing to part with Jordan Lyles or Bud Norris, probably not a good match here.

  • Here's a quick rundown on Latos' career to date.

  • Speaking of the Orioles, Camden Depot has a rundown on the big shakeup in Baltimore's scouting department.

  • It's the 12 Days of Baseballmas, from Mark Smith at The Platoon Advantage.

  • Nick Nelson writes that it's looking like more of the same from Twins: In other words, a pitching staff that can't strike anybody out.

  • Fun post from Stephanie Liscio on her irrational loves and hates. Yes, I would say loving Ronnie Belliard is a bit irrational. My hate of Jim Presley and Pete O'Brien? Completely justified, of course.

  • Mark Simon writes about Jimmy Rollins' defense. Is he on the decline?

  • Dwight Evans is a stathead favorite for his wide range of underrated skills. David Laurila of FanGraphs caught up with Evans to discuss The Catch, 1986 and his son's illness.

  • One of the Mariners' minority owners is in the middle of messy divorce. So how much is the club worth?

  • Finally, Grant Bisbee writes that the NL West should be sad that Mat Latos is leaving the division -- after all, he was so much fun to dislike.