Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links require no special tools to assemble, other than a rudimentary knowledge of Latin and a Phillips-head screwdriver ...

* Just in terms of years and dollars, there's nothing particularly wrong with Matt Holliday's new contract. But there's something I've noticed over the years: Teams almost always come to regret these mega-long-term deals. In part because -- as Matt Klaassen points out, deals like this cost the club essential flexibility. I know it looks good now, Cardinal fans. Just wait until 2015.

* Tim Marchman's got five reasons to think this decade a crashing bore (in baseball, anyway). I thought about writing a response, but Jonah beat me to it.

* I like Posnanski's Hall of Fame ballot, which matches my (theoretical) ballot, except with the addition of a wild card (and if we agreed completely, what would be the point?).

* Randy Johnson is retiring. Jeff Pearlman won't miss him.

* I think I mentioned this last season, but (in case you didn't believe me) if you're looking for a great read this winter I hope you'll listen to Al Yellon.

* With a new year upon us and my favorite columnist off to a different pasture, we have the latest State of the Prospectus.

* Fred McGriff won't be elected to the Hall of Fame today. But as Tyler Kepner notes, McGriff will always be a Major League Super Star.

* I saved this for last because it's not for everyone, but ... some good people at Retrosheet have done some fantastic work on the so-called "city series" that were once played in various cities by teams that hadn't qualified for the World Series. And that led me to Michael Cantor's suggestion, more convincing than you might think, that those games should count.