Podcast: Beltran, Gio & more

I know we said the final Baseball Today podcast of 2011 came on Tuesday, but when your producer wakes you up on a Friday morning and says we’ve got important news to discuss and the time to discuss it, you do it! So it was that Mark Simon and I recorded another final Baseball Today podcast for 2011, Friday’s edition!

1. Carlos Beltran is a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, and one of us thinks the defending champs are clearly the team to beat in 2012. Can one of us convince the other?

2. The Washington Nationals go all-in for Gio Gonzalez, but can this team really contend in the NL East this soon? Check out an on-the-fly NL Power Rankings and see!

3. How good is Sean Marshall? The Cincinnati Reds acquired the lefty from the Chicago Cubs, but is their search for a closer over? Should it be?

4. We talk uniforms, but in a really fun way, at least I think.

5. So that is all – officially, this time – for the Baseball Today podcast in 2011. We bid farewell for a few short weeks, likely returning with me and Keith Law on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Happy holidays to all!