Podcast: Buster Olney talks Hall, cows

Guess what Mark Simon and I discussed on Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast? C’mon, I’ll give you three guesses. Darren Oliver signing with Toronto? Nope. The World Champion Cardinals headed to the White House? Um, no. Hall of Fame? Right!

1. Mildly annoyed special guest Buster Olney joined us -- those were his descriptive words, not ours -- to analyze the voting patterns among his brethren in the baseball writer's industry. Hey, I agree. There are issues, and the 2013 class of eligibles for the Hall will show it.

2. Of course, we shouldn’t gloss over the positive story from Monday, as our colleague Barry Larkin was the lone Hall of Fame electee. We break down his career and show deserved love.

3. We also got a bit silly with Buster, but hey, that’s our thing. Who is his guilty pleasure Hall of Famer? Who’s the best Vanderbilt pitcher? And which ballplayer would be best at milking a cow? Yep, today’s show was definitely one for the ol’ archives.

4. Are Bill Mueller, Brad Radke and Eric Young Hall of Famers? Hard to make the case, but they did receive votes. Is this good, bad or meaningless? You might be surprised at our answer.

5. An emailer asks if the Hall of Fame should have different wings for, well, different classes of the stars. It’s an interesting debate, as is what the plaques of certain members should state.

So join us for Tuesday’s Hall of Fame episode of Baseball Today, probably the only podcast about this great game that spent more time on the issue of milking cows than milking the vote for Fred McGriff. Next show is planned for next Tuesday! Adios!