Monday Mendozas

Today's links do not come straight from Waxahachie, Texas ... but someday, I hope. Someday.

* According to this, Bill James says Andre Dawson belongs in the Hall of Fame and Dale Murphy doesn't. This strikes me as a bit of a switch; in his New Historical Abstract, James ranked Murphy as the 12th-greatest center fielder, Dawson as the 19th-greatest right fielder. Then again, when Bill wrote his book he didn't have Loss Shares.

* With that in mind, don't get too worked up the specifics here; it's Eric Trager's general point that's still worth making.

* Craig (with an assist from Bill Madden) points out that getting into the Hall of Fame can do wonders for an old ballplayer's bank account.

* Some of us have, I'm afraid, gone just little bit ga-ga over Ultimate Zone Rating. At least the single-season variety. Walkoff Walk offers an alternative (and here's a response from Tangotiger).

* Bleacher Report says it's crazy that Don Mattingly keeps getting Hall of Fame votes when Keith Hernandez dropped off the ballot six years ago. It's a fair point. Hernandez had just as many great seasons as Mattingly, and more good ones.

* Speaking of underrated first basemen, Lincoln Mitchell relates the strange case of Will Clark.

* The Royals have signed Scott Podsednik. I wasn't going to say anything, because I killed that dead horse a long time ago. Fortunately, Matt Klaassen's put a new spin on things.

* The first review of Josh Wilker's book is in ... and it's a good one.

* From Bugs & Cranks, the best managers with a losing record. Shockingly, there wasn't quite room on the list for Tony Muser or Buddy Bell. Maybe next time.

* Only Baseball Matters is less than thrilled with Brian Sabean's habit of signing old players ... and that was before the Giants scooped up Aubrey Huff.

* Well, at least that mystery is solved. Sometimes I wonder if pitchers will ever figure out that it's better to not pitch than to pitch hurt.

* Because I know you've not been able to rest, here's the rest of the story about that old brick wall in Brooklyn.