Podcast: The return of Law

We got the gang back together for Tuesday’s edition of the Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law and I ranted about this and that in the baseball world. Among the topics we discussed:

1. Yu Darvish is still not officially a Texas Ranger, but we expect a contract will be worked out before Wednesday’s deadline. So who is Darvish and why is he so important? Hey, at least he doesn’t have to pitch Opening Day! The Rangers aren't messin' around!

2. Of course, some other moves have happened since the last time we conversed with Mr. Law, including the challenge trade between the Yankees and Mariners. Young players dealt for one another? Never happens! We talk Jesus Montero and Michael Pineda.

3. What are the Colorado Rockies doing? Neither of us quite understands their offseason agenda, from the Michael Cuddyer signing to Monday’s Seth Smith trade for obvious flyball-prone pitchers. Yeah, that should work out swimmingly. But at least they've got Jamie Moyer.

4. Ryan Madson or Jonathan Papelbon, whom would you rather have for the next four years? Sadly, I knew KLaw’s answer before I asked the question. But I had to ask anyway.

5. Finally, Keith, who is not known for ever expressing his opinion, rants about the Hall of Fame and those that choose the members. You’ll want to hear this rant.

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today. It’s not only the return of Law, but bias cat. No, really.