Podcast: Braun's MVP, Scutaro trade, more

It was a very special Monday edition of the Baseball Today podcast as Keith Law and I tackled numerous subjects delving into our great game, including:

1. Ryan Braun speaks and accepts his MVP award. What should Braun have done and is there a good ending here?

2. We also discuss the latest news on Marco Scutaro, Fausto Carmona, Kevin Millwood and others, and what these moves mean.

3. In keeping with an ESPN.com theme this week, we discuss radical changes to the game, both from colleagues and listeners on Twitter. How do you feel about the designated hitter, expansion, umpires, etc.

4. Even our producer has a radical idea! But does it make any sense? Perhaps not, but we do agree we miss scheduled doubleheaders!

5. And finally, what does Death Cab for Cutie have anything to do with our fine show? Find out!

So download and listen to Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, meowing and all!