Podcast: Schilling! Klaw! Prospect talk!

We’ve done many good Baseball Today podcasts, but Thursday’s was truly a can’t-miss podcast, as Keith Law and I welcomed a special and opinionated guest, then tackled the fun topic of prospects.

1. "Baseball Tonight's" Curt Schilling joined us to talk about the start of spring training. Does he miss it? Also, he shares his thoughts on Yu Darvish and Ryan Braun.

2. Plus, didja know Schilling is a big-time video gamer and his first game is on the market? Schilling tells us why his game is so cool.

3. On to the prospects ... KLaw describes his thought process not only at the top of the list, where the names are familiar, but at the bottom as well.

4. Which organizations are sitting pretty for the future in terms of young players and which are not? A few AL Central teams are hurting.

5. Finally we get to the news of the day, with the unfortunate Josh Hamilton situation as well as a few young stars signing new contracts.

So check out Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast with me, KLaw, Soderberg and Schilling, a fun way to spend a few minutes getting entertained and informed!