Monday Mendozas

Between what's happening in Haiti and the nature of today's holiday, I'll skip the pithy intro today.

* Bill James gets the Emil Fuchs Award and talks fielding? What an evening that must have been ...

* Bill probably didn't talk about Black Ink and Gray Ink; that's why we've got Alex Remington around. You know, to talk about that stuff.

* Funny thing about Jose Offerman, I don't remember him having these anger issues when he actually played. Not with the Royals, anyway.

* I hope Jonah Keri's wrong about 26-man rosters, if only the teams would probably just carry yet another pitcher.

* Dayn Perry's got a list of players who might become free agents after this season. How many of the top 10 do you think will actually change teams? I'd say the over/under is five, or maybe six. Let's remember to check next winter.

* Speaking of next winter, BtB's erik returns to my favorite Hall of Fame graph, this time looking at 2011's new Hall of Fame candidates. Just a couple of reactions: Jeff Bagwell's as good as I thought, and Larry Walker's better.

* You ever wonder what (if anything) happens when brothers become teammates? Well, that's just the sort of mind that Bill Baer has, except he does more than just wonder; he's actually checked.

* Amazin' Avenue's Sam Page seems to have some real insight into how the Mets make decisions.