Marlins have a new home (sort of)

Gosh, I'm sure going miss Land Shark Stadium.

Or not. But better than this again:

    The football/baseball facility in South Florida, which is currently called Dolphin Stadium again, will be renamed Sun Life Stadium, after the company Sun Life Financial reached a deal with the NFL's Miami Dolphins to be the stadium's new naming-rights partner, according to SportsBusiness Daily.


    The Marlins' current stadium has undergone its fair share of name changes since the franchise's inaugural season in 1993. It started with Joe Robbie Stadium, then went to Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Dolphin Stadium and then Land Shark Stadium for most of the '09 season. It then reverted to Dolphin Stadium following the FedEx Orange Bowl on Jan. 5, and now it will be known as Sun Life Stadium.

For those scoring at home, that's seven names in 18 years. Rather than try to moralize (when money's involved, what's the point?) I'll simply raise an issue of practicality. If you're writing a history of the Florida Marlins, how would you deal with all those different names? If you're a Marlins fan and you're telling a story about a game you attended in (say) 2003, how are you supposed to remember what the stadium was called that year?

I suppose that if you're writing a book, you can just keep a sort of running count, and if you're good enough you might even turn the name changes into a running joke and have some fun with it. If you're just a guy telling a story, you can just pick your favorite name and stick with it; you're just telling a story, after all.

It's people like me who are supposed to know, or at least take a few seconds and look it up. But it's damned inconvenient, and I resent all the money grubbing.