Podcast: Power rankings, Burnett, Maddon

With the complete edition of the Future Power Rankings revealed on ESPN.com this week and a special guest talking about a very relevant team, Keith Law and I had plenty to discuss in Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast:

1. Keith’s contribution to the five-year Power Rankings was dissected, as well as the methodology and the strength of the American League East! Where did your team end up? (Hope it’s not the Baltimore Orioles).

2. Surprise! Slugging Cuban Yoenis Cespedes ends up with the Oakland Athletics, and Keith shares his thoughts on what should be a very bright future.

3. Perhaps nobody would use the words "bright" and "future: when discussing A.J. Burnett, but his potential trade to Pittsburgh was on our mind, as well as the game’s best manager signing a contract extension.

4. Our e-mailers wished to discuss prospects, and KLaw had answers about the Blue Jays, Braves and scarcity of second basemen.

5. I spoke with Bill Baer about his new book "The 100 Things Phillies Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die" as well as the NL East and his popular blog CrashburnAlley.com, part of the SweetSpot network.

So download and listen to Thursday’s fine Baseball Today podcast, and we assure you no cats were harmed in the taping of this show.