Podcast: Spring training preview

Pitchers and catchers report this week, and this week's edition of the Baseball Today podcast (with Mark Simon and fill-in guest Steve Berthiaume) touches on everything you could want in a spring training preview.

  • Mark and Steve react to the news of the day. Steve loves the Manny Ramirez signing for the Athletics and wonders what took everyone so long. Mark touts Raul Ibanez's power as a perfect fit for the Yankees.

  • With so many older players in the news, Mark and Steve select an Elderly All-Star Team ... the best players in the majors, 35 and older. The likely soon-to-be-retiree Mariano Rivera heads the class. But Steve has a particularly smart selection for his hitter choice.

  • Mark and Steve run the gamut on spring training question and answer, going through best/worst signings, players to watch and why to watch them, and sleeper team to watch. Steve and Mark both like the same team in the AL Central, with Steve arguing that that team is one player away from being a serious contender. Also, Steve and Mark each have a player to watch that you may have never heard of -- Steve's choice is a Diamondbacks reliever while Mark goes with baseball's best Harvard rep.

  • We only get to one e-mail, but it's a doozy -- the All-Presidents team in honor of President's Day.

  • Mark and Steve each share their thoughts on Gary Carter and Steve provides some baseball book reading for the end of winter. It's all in a 55-minute jam-packed show!