Over/under: Wins for Rays

Here's my more detailed analysis of the Rays. Since I project them to win 93 games you can certainly put me in the "over" category for this poll.

So, playing devil's advocate, here's what could go wrong:

1. Injuries. Especially if a key offensive player like Evan Longoria or Ben Zobrist goes down.

2. The bullpen could implode. It pitched well a season ago, but will guys such as Kyle Farnsworth and Joel Peralta be as effective?

3. Severe regression from James Shields and Jeremy Hellickson. Both pitchers relied heavily on a low BABIP last season. BABIP tends to regress back toward .300, no matter the quality of defense behind a pitcher.

4. Carlos Pena hits .196 -- like he did with the Rays in 2010.

5. Luke Scott doesn't produce at DH.

6. Matt Moore is good ... but not great.

So, no, 93 wins is not a sure thing. What do you think?