Podcast: Harper, Utley, Pettitte, Mets

To celebrate the Baseball Today podcast returning to daily shows (Monday through Friday), Mark Simon and I covered many fun topics to get the week started:

1. The Nationals did the right thing sending prospect Bryce Harper to Triple-A, but the surprising part of the news is his position change.

2. With the news from Phillies camp that Chase Utley could be out for a while, is the NL East race really up for grabs? We also talk about the Royals and Padres losing key players.

3. And then there are the Mets. Poor Mark. However, the news from Monday morning actually could be viewed as a positive.

4. In our Simon Says segment, Mark discusses Andy Pettitte’s slider and why it should make him effective again. Hey, the Yankees might really need him.

5. More emails than normal were read, featuring defense, Ozzie Guillen’s ejections and, of course, the all-important ridiculous question of the day.

So download and listen to a fun Monday edition of Baseball Today, the first of more than seven months of entertaining, informative baseball discussion!