No surprises in AL East

Finishing up with the projected American League standings:

Yankees - 102

Red Sox - 94

Rays - 89

Orioles - 70

Blue Jays - 67

Six years ago, the Blue Jays went 67-94. They went straight from there to a nice little run -- 80 wins, 87, 83, and 86 -- before dropping to 75-87. Are they going to drop to 67 wins this year? Probably not. It's not easy to lose 95 games. But consider that Aaron Hill was out of his head last year and they've replaced Roy Halladay with Brandon Morrow, and a 70-win season doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Elsewhere, it's just the same-old same-old, with the projected standings looking exactly as they looked one year ago, and for that matter almost exactly as they looked last October. We know the Orioles are going to fight for fourth place, we know the Yankees are going to fight for 100 wins, and we know the Red Sox and Rays will fight for the Wild Card scraps.

No, of course we don't know anything. It's a funny game. The Rays might go 100-62 while the Yankees go 87-74 (as they did 10 years ago on the heels of a 98-win season). That's probably not the way to bet, though.

I'll work through the National League as the weekend moves along.