Podcast: Mariners-Athletics preview!

Opening Day is a mere hours away! Are you ready? Keith Law and I discussed the Mariners-Athletics starting the season in Japan and a lot more on Tuesday’s fine Baseball Today podcast!

1. Felix Hernandez versus Brandon McCarthy! Well, I’ll be watching. Is opening the season in Japan good for baseball? Keith discusses.

2. Our special guest on the show was "Top Chef's" Richard Blaise, talking not only about food but also choking and pressure. It’s interesting stuff.

3. In our news segment we talked about Joba Chamberlain and Jose Iglesias, but also Mets hurler R.A. Dickey, who will be making news this week off the field. Kudos to R.A. for his honesty.

4. In our email segment we talk about potentially surprising teams like the Royals, which season was actually Mariano Rivera’s best and Shelby Miller’s ETA to the big leagues.

5. Keith talks about players to watch in 2012 and why Stephen Strasburg did not make his list! Find out why!

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast because it’s the last one before the games start to count!