Monday Mendozas

Whatever this edition lacks in quality, it makes up for with lack of quantity (which reminds me of an old joke) ...

* I've actually had a sneak peek at the new Willie Mays bio, and I can tell you it's a real page-turner, sort of like a Stephen King novel for baseball fans.

* This bit from The Rogue's Baseball Index is sheer genius:

    The Raines Delay refers to the requisite time that it takes for the sabermetricians to gain ground. Typically this time period corresponds to the time it takes the traditional thinkers to forget how un-Hall of Fame-like the player in question seemed during his actual career.

Keep 'em coming, boys.

* Over at The Book, MGL responds to Sky Andrecheck's piece about post-Moneyball statistics.

* Tim Marchman thinks the Padres will get more value from Jon Garland ($5.3 million) than the A's will for Ben Sheets ($10 million). Marchman's big finish:

    There are still inefficiencies out there, though, and taken together these two signings hint at a big one, the hardwired human desire to hit a jackpot. Teams are more willing than they should be to bet a lot on the small chance that a player will be really great, and curiously uninterested in paying for a sure thing. That the A's are on the wrong side of this might seem a bit odd given their reputation, but then that always had less to do with how sharp they were than how dull some of their rivals were.

* Yeah, J.J. Hardy is thrilled to be out of Milwaukee. Can you blame him? Two years after playing in the All-Star Game, he got sent to the minors for a few weeks. And when he returned to the majors, he'd been supplanted by a rookie.

* The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is hurting. No surprise there. Lots of museums are hurting, and this one happens to celebrate a bunch of baseball players who were witnessed by very few living fans. Oh, and it's in Kansas City. Anyway, Wrigleyville23 thinks Major League Baseball should help. I'm all for soaking the rich, but what the museum really needs is many, many more visitors, and I'm not sure if even commissioner Bud can supply those (granted, a $1 million endowment sure wouldn't hurt).