Podcast: Cardinals, Marlins, injured closers

It’s another Opening Day! Can you feel the excitement? Keith Law and I can, and we talk about the big ESPN Cardinals-Marlins game for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast along with plenty of other stuff!

1. I set the over/under on Josh Johnson starts for 2012 at 26, and KLaw sends back his opinion. Will Marlins fans be happy or sad with his answer?

2. Do we have the defending champs or the Marlins in the postseason? All the preseason predictions are posted at ESPN.com, and we discuss our choices.

3. A pair of AL East closers hit the shelf with injuries, but there’s really no need for the Red Sox and Rays to panic. So will they panic?

4. Keith digs into his scouting bag of tricks to discuss how the Pirates handle young pitchers and how scouts judge outfield arms.

5. Stephen Strasburg, Lance Berkman and more Yankees bias are topics for our emailers.

So download and listen to Wednesday’s fun Baseball Today podcast, our first in which we preview a 2012 game in the USA! Many more to come!