Mauer not locked up ... yet

Aaron Gleeman on the deal that isn't (not yet, anyway):

    Mark Rosen of WCCO television in Minnesota reported yesterday afternoon that Mauer and the Twins had agreed to a 10-year contract extension, which naturally got Twins fans incredibly excited. Unfortunately it turns out that Rosen's report seems to be somewhere between premature and off base.


    As a Twins fan I'm certainly hoping that Rosen is right about Mauer agreeing to a long-term deal, but as a baseball writer I also can't help but wonder how different the media's reaction to his report would've been if he were a blogger instead of a TV sports anchor. My guess? Mauer and the Twins will finalize a deal by Opening Day, but it will come significantly later than Rosen claimed and the contract won't be for 10 years.

It sure doesn't sound like the parties are close, though I do agree that it'll get done before Opening Day. It's pretty clear that the parties want this to happen, and it's almost as clear that nobody wants to be negotiating in April (or beyond). I also agree that the deal won't run for 10 years. Mauer's going to be 27 soon. I think he'll still be a good hitter in 10 years, but I don't know that he'll be catching and I don't know that he'll be healthy enough to play more than 120 games. That doesn't mean the Twins won't still want him around. But they might not want to lock themselves into paying him $25 million when he's 36.