Podcast: Which team wins the most games?

We ended the week with Friday's Baseball Today podcast as ESPN analyst Doug Glanville joined me and Mark Simon for fun and shenanigans, while also discussing Thursday’s games.

1. Not only can Glanville wax poetic about pitchers and defense and youth baseball, but he’s a French toast connoisseur!

2. The theme of Thursday’s baseball was obviously the terrific starting pitching, but we also discuss relief usage and the great Omar Vizquel.

3. Emailers chime in with more thoughts about strange uses for baseball ballparks, as well as thoughts on Miami’s new home and players appearing in the most games in a season.

4. Mark and I pick teams for yet another draft, choosing which teams will win the most games this season. Which side do you like? Listen and check the results on our show home page!

5. With a big weekend of baseball pending, we preview the big series and tell you where you can find baseball on ESPN and ESPN Radio!

So download and listen to Friday’s excellent Baseball Today podcast, and enjoy your baseball this weekend!